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Answering the Suspicion that Says: Muslims’ Fasting has been Taken from Christians

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the second lie:


to proof his idea that fasting in islam is taken from christianity butrus said:


in at-tabary interpretation of the following quranic verse: (o ye who believe! fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you) [al-baqara:183], al-shabi said: the obligation of fasting the month of ramadan in christianity was before that in islam. so, muslims followed them and performed fasting like them until now.


the complete text of al-shabi –from which butrus quoted his last statement-, is:


“if i were fasting the whole year, i would not fast the doubt day which may be in the month of sha’ban or ramadan, which means that christians have to fast the month of ramadan as we do, but they changed it according to the season. they may fast in the very hot month thirty days. then another generation came and fasted one day before the thirty day and one after it. thus, one generation after the other increases the number of days till they became fifty days. that is what allah the almighty says:


o you who believe! observing fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you,”

at-tabary said in another interpretation to this quranic verse: (even as it was prescribed for those before you): “in ramadan allah prescribed to the christians to fast; not to eat, or drink or even to have  sexual relationship with their wives the whole month. so, christians found fasting ramadan very hard, and this month sometimes comes in winter and another time in summer; for that they changed its time according to their own will and fasted in the season which is between winter and summer. they added twenty days more as a penance, and made their fasting fifty days.

muslims kept doing that until allah permitted to eat and drink and to do sexual relationship with their wives after sunset till sunrise.

is butrus saying anything related to what at-tabary said?!

he lies in order to invent that prophet muhammad (pbuh) was fasting as the christians did – though he did not admit that they are the christians of today- and that fasting was not prescribed by allah rather by following other nations as christians, and sabians  etc. then he says he takes the proof from muslims’ books.

 allah curses those who are lying.



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