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Expedition to Palestine

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The Prophet returned to Madinah, aware that he was near the end of his mission, and he spent most of his time praising and glorifying Allah who had given him success after success during his twenty-three years of Prophethood. People were entering Islam in multitudes, and delegations continued to arrive before him. In Rabi’ Al-Awwal of 11 A.H., the Prophet sent Usama bin Zayd with seven hundred soldiers to the territory of Balqa and Darum in Palestine. They were to stage a show of might against the Romans, who had resumed their hostile acts. The army set out and a Jarf, only three miles outside Madinah, they received news that the Prophet was very ill. They encamped there awaiting further news of the Prophet’s health. With the Prophet’s subsequent death, Usama and his men went on with their expedition during the Caliphate if Abu Bakr Siddeeq .

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