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The Lowest Point on Earth

Auther : Dr. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Muslih
Under category : Divine Gifts
1155 2019/04/16 2024/04/13
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 Allaah The Almighty Says (what means):

{Rome is defeated—at the lowest point of the earth—and after their defeat, they shall defeat (their opponent) within a few years.}

(Quran 30:2-4)

Scientific Analysis

Historical records mention that in the year 619, a battle took place between the Persians and Byzantines, who comprised the eastern branch of the Roman Empire. This battle was fought in the vicinity between Daraa and Busra, near the Dead Sea. The Persians won a crushing victory against the Romans, who subsequently suffered gross losses. Contemporaries in that time expected this to be the end of Roman influence in the region.

However, the opposite occurred. In December of 627, a decisive battle took place near Nineveh between the Byzantines and the Persian Empire. The Romans defeated the Persians. After a few short months, the Persians had to resort to ratifying a peace agreement with Byzantium, and the former were forced to return the lands they had taken from the latter.

Geographical illustrations show that the lowest area on the face of the earth is that which surrounds the Dead Sea in Palestine, where it dips lower than 395 meters below sea level. This has been confirmed by geologists and satellite imagery.

The Miracle

There are two miraculous points to consider in these noble verses.

First, that which the Quran promised was realized after seven years, as the battle between Persia and Rome concluded in the year 627. The victory of Rome coincided with the victory of the Muslims against the pagans of Quraysh at the Battle of Badr.

Second, a geographical fact was revealed, while not possibly known to anyone at that time. Rome was foretold to lose the battle against Persia in the lowest area of the earth. The word translated here as “lowest” in Arabic is adna, which means both lowest and nearest.

From one perspective, this battle took place in the nearest land to the Arabian Peninsula. From the other perspective, this was the lowest area on the face of the earth according to satellite technology surveying dry land, as mentioned by the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Historical fact testifies that this battle occurred in the lowest place on the planet, near the Dead Sea Basin. Is this not an indication that the Quran is revealed by Allaah? He Says (what means): {Say: He who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth revealed it.} (Quran, 25:6)


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