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How can you gain the Love of Allah the Almighty?

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How can you gain the love of allah the almighty?

All praise be to allah the almighty. non has the right to be worshipped except allah alone, and peace be upon his prophet muhammad, his family,wives, relatives and companions,

the most important thing in the daily life of any muslim is following the sunnah (way) of the prophet – peace be upon him – in all of his actions, deeds, and sayings in order to organize his life according to the propheticsunnah, from the morning to the evening.

Thun -noon al masri, said:

(one of the signs of loving allah the almighty is following the sunnah of his prophet – peace be upon him – in his morals, deeds, orders and actions.

llah the almighty said: {say, [o muhammad], “if you should love allah, then follow me, [so] allah will love you and forgive your sins. and allah is forgiving and merciful} (al-imran: 31).

Al hassan al basri said, explaining the above mentioned verse: the sign of their love to allah is following the sunnah of his prophet – peace be upon him – because the rank of the believer can be measured by the extent of following the prophet – peace be upon him – therefore, as much as he is following the sunnah, allah will give him a higher rank.

Therefore, i have collected this brief search for the sake of reviving the sunna of the prophet – peace be upon him – in the daily life of all muslims; in their worship, eating, drinking, dealing with people, ablution, their ingress and egress, wearing clothes and all their activities and actions during the day.

Just think when a person loses a sum of money, he will search hardly to find such amount, but will he exert the same care for any forgotten prophetic sunnah in order to apply it in his daily life??

The problem today is that we take care of our properties more than the sunnah, to the degree that if someone promised a sum of money to the one who keeps the prophet’s sunnah , you will find people very keen to apply the sunnah in their life affairs because they are looking for money.

But what is the use of money when you are lodged in your grave and the people pour soil on you.

Allah the almighty said: {but you prefer the worldly life* while the hereafter is better and more enduring} (al-a’laa: 16-17).

the sunnah is (prophetic deeds, actions, habit, way of life) the deeds

for which you will be rewarded if you apply it but you won’t be punished

if you leave it. the sunnah is repeated day and night and is easy to be

applied be every one of us.

And i noticed that every person, if applying the daily prophetic deeds,

will apply more than one thousand prophetic deeds per day in all fields

of his life affairs.

So the purpose of this search is to introduce the easiest mean of applying such daily prophetic deeds, which exceed one thousand per day and thirty thousand per month.

Therefore, how much will you lose if you don’t know such prophetic deeds or if you know them but don’t apply!!


The advantages of applying the prophetic deeds:

1- reaching to the rank of love by allah.

2- compensating any shortage in the religious duties.

3- preserving from committing heresies.

4- respecting the religious rituals.

muslims! you are urged to follow the sunnah of your prophet – muhammad peace be upon him. revive and apply it in your daily life. it is the proof for loving the prophet – peace be upon him – and a sign for the true belief.



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