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The Sunnahs of Wetr Prayer

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(wetr prayer means ending the prayer at night with an odd number of raka's)


1-It is sunnah, for the one who wishes to end the prayer at night with three wetr raka's, to read after al-fateha :

suraht al a'laa no. 87{( sabbiĥi asma rabbika al-'a`lá) in the first raka,
surat al kafirun no.109 {( qul yā 'ayyuhā al-kāfirūna) in the second raka, and surat al ikhlaas no 112{( qul huwa allāhu 'aĥadun) in the third raka, as narrated by abu dawood, at termithi and ibn majah.


2- it is sunnah to say, after finishing the wetr prayer: (-subhaanal-malikil-quddoosi- i.e. glory is to the king, the holy), three times. at the third time, as narrated by ad-dar qotni, it is sunnah to raise and extend his voice and say: (-rabbil-malaa'ikati warroohi- i.e. lord of the angels and the spirit), authenticated by al-arna'out, and it was narrated by abu dawood and an-nasa'ei. 

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