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The Sunnahs of Iqama

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The recommendable actions when establishing the prayer .

(iqama means the second call for prayer in order to stand and align for performing the prayer)  


The first four sunnah actions, as mentioned above, are applicable upon making the iqama (establishing the prayer) as per the fatwa (legal opinion) of the permanent committee of the scientific researches & fatwa. accordingly, the total number of sunnah actions which can be applied upon iqama, in each prayer, is (20) actions of sunnah.  


The following things should be taken into consideration upon hearing the athan (call for prayer) and iqama (establishing the prayer) in order to apply the sunnah accurately and gain the reward under the will of allah the almighty:

a-  turning toward the qibla (kabaa direction) when making the athan and iqama.

b-  standing up.

c-  making ablution.

d-  refrain from speaking between the time of athan and iqama.

e-  keeping stability during iqama.

f-   emphasizing on the "a" and "h" letters in the word "allah" in athan, but in iqama, it can be pronounced quickly.

g-  putting fingers on the ears when making athan.

h-  extending and raising the voice when making athan, but lowering it when making the iqama.

i-   separating between athan and iqama. the separation can take place by praying two rak'as, or making one prostration, glorifying allah the almighty, sitting down, or speaking. in al maghrib (sunset) prayer, it is enough to take breath only, and it is not advisable to speak between athan and iqama as per some narrations in al fajr (down) prayer. some jurists said that it is enough to separate between athan and iqama by making one step only.

j-   the one who hears athan or iqama is recommended to repeat the same words, except when hearing (qad qamat as-salat i.e. the prayer is established), he should say (la hawla wala quwata ella belllah i.e. there is no might and no power except by allah).  



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