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Meditating upon Allah’s Favors

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He (pbuh) said: (meditate upon allah’s boons, but, do not meditate upon allah). narrated by at-tabarani in “al-awsat” and al-bayhaqi in “al-shi’ab”. al-albani said it is good.


one of the things that repeat several times, during the muslim’s day and night, is his sense of allah’s favor upon him. there are many situations and many scenes that a muslim see and hear about during his day and night, and which require that he thinks and meditates upon these favors, which he has blessed with, and praise allah for it.


1-  have you sensed allah’s favor upon you, when you go to the mosque? and how some people around you have been deprived of this favor, especially at the time of fajr (dawn) prayer, when you look at the muslims’ homes, while are in a deep sleep, as if they were dead?

2- have you sensed allah’s favor upon you, when you walk in the street and see the various scenes; this has had an accident and this, satan’s voice (singing) comes out of his car loudly and so on?

3- have you sensed allah’s favor upon you, when you hear or read the world news, including famines, floods, the spread of diseases, accidents, earthquakes, wars and homelessness?


i say that the successful slave: is the one from whose heart, feeling and sensation, allah’s favor upon him never vanishes, in every situation and every scene. he remains constantly praising allah and thanking him for his favors, which he has been blessed with, such as: religion, health, prosperity and safety from evils…


in the hadith (the prophet’s saying), he (pbuh) said: (if someone sees an ill person and thus says: “all praise is to allah who has protected me against what he has afflicted you with and who has graced me over many of whom he has created with marked graciousness”, he will never be afflicted with this scourge). at-termithi said that this is a good hadith.




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