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Praying Behind Sutra

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(i.e. praying behind a barrier such as a wall, stick, column ..etc)


The prophet peace be upon him said: (if you want to pray, then stand behind a sutra, come close to it, and dont allow anyone to pass between you and the sutra). narrated by abu dawood, ibn majah and ibn khuzaima

this prophetic tradition stipulated putting the sutra when performing the prayer, whether in the masjed or in home, for men and women. some muslims don't pray behind sutra; therefore, they deprive themselves from the reward of applying this sunnah.


This sunnah is repeated several times by the muslim during night and day when he performs the regular prophetic prayers, ad-doha prayer (morning prayer), masjed entry prayer, wetr prayer (the last prayer at night), the obligatory prayers by the woman when she prays alone at home. however, when praying at masjed, the sutra of the imam is enough for all who pray behind him.




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