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The Sunnahs of Leaving a Meeting

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Uttering the expiation of quitting a meeting "i honor allah from all what is ascribed to him, o allah, all praises are for you, i testify that there is no worth worshipping but allah, i repent and ask allah for his forgiveness" (narrated by sunnah scholars)

every day includes many meetings such as:

1-  while eating daily meals you mostly speak with whom you're eating with.

2- when you meet one of your friends or neighbors even if you both were standing.

3- when sitting with your classmates or work colleagues.

4-  when sitting with your spouse and children chatting together.

5-   while driving home with your spouse or friends.

6- while attending a lecture, a seminar or a forum.

look what you do by applying these sunnahs you keep:

· Praising allah several times, which keeps you always in contact with allah.

· Repenting and asking for allah's forgiveness for whatever happens during those meetings.

· Testifying that there is no god but allah.

the benefits of applying these sunnahs on a daily basis is forgiveness of whatever happens during those meetings with others.

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