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Sunnahs when Meeting People

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1-Salutation: the prophet (pbuh) was asked "which type of islam is the best?" ; and he (pbuh) answered: " to feed people and salute the people you know or don't know" (narrated by al bukhari and imam muslim)

a man approached the prophet (pbuh) and saluted him saying "assalam alaikom (peace upon you)", the prophet (pbuh) returned the salutation and after the man sat down, the prophet said: "that was ten"; then another man came and said "assalam alaikom wa rahmatullah (peace and mercy of allah upon you)" the prophet (pbuh) said: "that was twenty"; then a third man came and said " assalam alaikom wa rhamatullah wa barakato (peace and mercy and blessings of allah upon you) the prophet (pbuh) said: "that was thirty" (narrated by abu dawood and recommended by at tirmithi).

look how much reward the first two wasted because they didn't say the whole islamic salutation to get the complete reward of thirty good deeds. and as a good deed it is at least considered ten; the sum would have been three hundred good deeds and might be more. as salutation take place many times a day; you should train yourself to utter the full islamic salutation to get that great reward.

2- smiling: the prophet (pbuh) said: " do not despise any good deed; even meeting your brother with just a smile" (narrated by imam muslim) 

3- shaking hands: our prophet (pbuh) said: " whenever two muslims meet shaking the hands of each other, allah would forgive them before their departure " (narrated by abu dawood, al tirmithi and ibn majah)

an nawawi said: you should know that it is preferred to shake hands in every time they meet. so dears, try to shake hands with whoever you salute with a smiley face; thus you will be applying three sunnahs at once.

4- allah says: " and say to my bondmen (that) they say that which is fairest, (i.e., which is kindest) (for) surely ash-shaytan (the all-vicious, i.e., the devil) incites (discord) between them. surely ash-shaytan has been an evident enemy to man."(al israa: 53) and the prophet (pbuh) said: " kind words are charity" (narrated by al bukhari and imam muslim).

· kind words include: ath-thikr (remembrance of allah), du'aa, salutation, rightful complementation, good manners, virtues and good deeds.

· kind words are magical as they win others' hearts.

· kind words are proofs how enlightened the heart of the believer is. so you should embrace your whole life with kind words; your spouse, children, neighbors, friends, servants and everyone you deal with needs kind words.


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