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The Sunnah of Al Fajr Prayers

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1- Short prayer: aisha (may allah be pleased with her) narrated that : "the prophet (pbuh) used to pray two light short rak'as between the athan (prayer call) and the start of the fajr prayer" (agreed upon as a correct narrative)

2- Recitation : in the first rak'a the prophet (pbuh) recited :"say (o muslims), "we have believed in allah, and whatever has been sent down to us, and whatever was sent down to ibrahîm, and shuaayb, and ishaq and yaaqûb (abraham, ishmael, isaac and jacob, respectively) and the grandsons, (i.e., the tribes) and whatever was brought down to mûsa and isa, (moses and jesus, respectively) and whatever was brought to the prophets from their lord. we make no distinction between any of them, and to him we are muslims."( al baqara :136)

and in the second rak'a he (pbuh) recited: "so, as soon as isa (jesus) perceived disbelief among them, he said, "who are my ready vindicators to allah?" (i.e., in the cause of allah) the disciples said, " we are the ready vindicators to allah; we have believed in allah, and bear (you) witness that we are muslims." (aal imran: 52)

 and in another narrative he (pbuh) recited:"say, "o population of the book, (or: family of the book, i.e., the jews and christians) come to a level word between us and you, that we worship none except allah, and that we do not associate anything with him, and that some of us do not take to themselves others (literally: some "others") as lords, apart from allah." so, in case they turn away, then say, "bear witness that we are muslims." (literally: we have surrendered "to allah")."

(aal- imran: 64) (narrated by imam muslim)


3-  Lying down: al bukhari narrated that the prophet (pbuh) used to lie down for a while on his right side after the sunnah of the fajr prayer.

 so if you pray the sunnah of fajr at home, lie down on your right side for a few minutes to be a follower of sunnah.

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