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Remembering Allah at all Times

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1- The remembrance of allah is the basis of submission to allah, as it is the header of the relation between the slave and his creator, in all his time and conditions. it was reported that aisha, may allah be pleased with her, said: [the messenger of allah (pbuh) used to remember allah at all his time].

     narrated by muslim.         

 * being connected with allah is life, seeking refuge with him is salvation, being near him is success and satisfaction and keeping away from him is loss and deviation.


2- The remembrance of allah is what differentiates between believers and hypocrites, as the hypocrites’ attribute is that they do not remember allah except a little.


3-  The devil does not pre-dominate man, except when the latter overlooks the remembrance of allah, as the remembrance of allah is the immune fort that protects man against the devil’s plots.

* The devil likes man to forget the remembrance of allah.


4-  remembrance (thikr) is the way to happiness. he (exalted be he) said: (the ones who have believed and whose hearts (feel) composed with the remembrance of allah -verily in the remembrance of allah the hearts are composed) [ar-raad: 28].


5-  one should always remember allah, as the people of paradise do not regret anything, except an hour that passed by them in this life without remembering allah (glorified and sublime be he).       

       (verily, permanent remembrance means permanent relationship with allah).           


an-nawawi said: scholars agreed that remembrance, by (both) heart and tongue, is permissible for this who has broken his ablution, this who is ritually unclean, menstrual and postpartum women. this includes glorification (saying: subhan allah), praise (saying: al-hamdulillah), saying allahu akbar (allah is the greater), saying la ilaha ila allah (there is no god but allah), asking allah to send his peace and blessings on the messenger of allah (pbuh) and supplication.  this is unlike the case of reciting qur’an.


6-  this who remembers his lord (glorified and sublime be he), his lord remembers him. he (exalted be he) said: (so, remember me, (and) i will remember you; and give thanks to me; and do not disbelieve me) [al-baqarah: 152]. if man feels much delight, when he is informed that one of the kings has mentioned him in his council and that he has praised him, so, how would he feel, if allah, the king of all kings (exalted be he), mentioned him to a crowd, which is better than those to whom he is mentioned to?


7-  remembrance of allah does not mean muttering with a word or words, while the heart is inattentive, overlooking glorification of allah and obeying him. remembrance by tongue should be accompanied by reasoning and being affected by the meanings of its words. he (exalted be he) said: (and remember your lord within yourself, in supplication and in fright, other than being (too) loud in words, in the early mornings and the (hours) before sunset, and do not be among the heedless)


  * the person who remembers allah should be aware of what he says, so that heart remembrance and tongue remembrance may gather and man can be connected with his lord both manifestly and immanently.                                                                                          

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