The Prophetic Actions (Sunnahs) of Prostration (Sujoud)

1- separating between his upper arms and waist.

2- separating his abdomen from his thighs.

3- separating his thighs from his legs.

4- separating between his knees in prostration.

5- making his feet standing erect.

6- putting the internal part of his fingers on ground.

7- the feet should be joined together while prostrating.

8- putting the hands beside the ears.

9- the hands should be open.

10- the fingers should be joined together.

11- the fingers should be directed toward qibla.

12- sitting between the two prostrations. it has two shapes:

a. ik'aa': holding the feet erect and sitting on the heels.

b. ifterash: holding the right foot erect and spreading out the left one. in the first tashahhud (sitting between every two raka's), he bends his left foot and sit on it and erect the right one. the second tashahhud has three shapes:

i. erecting the right one, making the left foot under his right leg, and putting his posterior on ground.

ii. as the first one, but he does not erect the right one, he makes it in the same direction of the left one.

iii. erecting the right foot, entering the left foot between the leg and thigh of the right leg.

13- putting the hands on thighs "the right hand on the right thigh, and the left hand on the left thigh, the hands should be open and the fingers should be joined.

14- moving the index finger "up and down' from the start to the end of the tashahhud.

15- turn face right and left upon finishing prayer by tasleem.

16- the rest sitting (isteraha i.e. sitting for a while without saying any glorifications, after the second prostration of the first and third rak'as).

· there are (25) actual sunnahs in each rak'a i.e. the total number of sunnahs in the obligatory prayer is (425) sunnahs.

· the total sunnahs in the non-obligatory prayer (25) sunna in each rak'a i.e. the total sunnahs in the non-obligatory prayers during the day and night is (625) sunnahs if we applied such prophetic actions every rak'a.

· the muslim may increase the number of rak'as in al duha prayer and increase the number of sunnahs.

There are sunnha deeds (prophetic actions) which are repeated once or twice only:

1. Raising the hands up while pronouncing takbirat al ihram (the initial "allah akbar" by which the prayer is opened).

2. Raising the hands in the third rak'a in the prayers which consist of two sittings of tashahhud.

3. Moving the index finger (up and down) from the start to the end of tashahhud, whether the first or the second one.

4. Turning face right and left when ending the prayer.

5. The rest sitting (isteraha): it is repeated twice in the prayer which consists of four rak'as and once in the other prayers, whether obligatory or non-obligatory.

6. Tawarok: (erecting the right foot, putting the left foot under the right leg, and putting the posterior on the ground) in the second sitting of tashahhud in the prayer which consists of two sittings of tashahhud.

· These sunnahs are repeated once, except moving the index finger in the sitting of tashahhud, it is repeated twice in the obligatory prayers, except al fajr prayer, and the rest sitting is repeated also twice in the prayer which consists of four rak'as; accordingly, the total is (34) sunnahs.

· These sunnha deeds are repeated except two of them; the second and the last one, in each non-obligatory prayer; accordingly, the total is (48) sunnahs.

therefore, dear brother, try to practice such prophetic sayings and deeds in order to gain more blessings and rewards and reach the highest ranks in paradise.

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