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Bowing _Rukuu

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7.                  then, the worshipper bows in "ruku" raising his hands up to the level of his shoulders or ears while saying " allahu akbar" " allah is great" then bends down, making his head and back on one level and putting his hands with the fingers spread on his knees. the worshipper should feel serenity and tranquility while bowing, he should say thrice at least: (( سبحان ربي العظيم ))  ""subhana rabbiayl a'zim"

which means: "glory be to my lord, the almighty."

it is advisable to say while bowing in addition to that:

(( سبحانك اللهم ربنا و بحمدك ربنا اغفر لي ))

"subhanak-allahumma rabbana wa bihamdika, allahumma ighfir liy"


which means: "glory be to thee , o allah, and i  praise thee, forgive me my sins."

8.                 to raise one's head up from bowing, raising one's hands to the level of his shoulders or ears, saying, in case id being imam or praying alone:

(( سمع الله لمن حمده))

"sami'a allahu liman hamidah"

which means :

" allah listen to him who praises him."

while resuming the standing position, he should say:

(( ربنا ولك الحمد حمدا طيبا مباركا فيه ملء السماوات وملء الأرض و ملء ما بينهما  ما شئت من شيء بعد ))

"rabbana wa laka al hamdu hamdan katheera'n tayyiban mobarakan feehiy mil'a ssamawati wa mila alardhi wa mil'a ma baynahom awa mil'a ma shita min shiyin ba'ad"

this supplication means: "our lord, praise be fore thee only, praises plentiful and blessed as to fill the heavens, the earth, what in between, and fill that which will please thee besides them."


but if the worshipper is a follower, and led in his prayer by the imam he should say when rising up "rabbana  wa laka alhamd……etc.

(( ربنا و لك الحمد ...........الخ  ما  تقدم ))

              it is advisable for the imam, the follower, or who prays alone to add also:

(( أهل الثناء و المجد أحق ما قال العبد و كلنا لك عبد, اللهم لا مانع لما أعطيت و لا معطي لما منعت و لا ينفع ذا الجد منك الجد ))

(( you  allah who deserve all praises and all glory, your praising is the best and most true of whatever your servant can say, we all are your servants, our lord, no one can ever deprive aught of what you have bestowed and no one can ever give aught of what you have deprived."

       the worshipper  is advised to  put his hands on his chest, as he had done before he bowed. both wa'il ibn haggar and sahli ibn sai'yd reported that this was the manner of the prophet  when he used to raise his head up after bowing.

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