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Hadeeth 16- The Muslim's Struggle and his Devil

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from iyaad ibn himaar al mujaashi'ee (radiyallaahu ;anhu) who said that allaah's messenger (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) said: indeed my lord ordered me to teach you that which you do not know, from that which he taught me this day, (instructing me): 'the wealth which i confer upon a servant is all lawful for him, and i created all my servants having natural inclination to the true way but the devils came to them and turned them away from their (true) religion, and they forbade for them that which i made lawful for them, and they ordered them to associate in worship with me that for which i sent down no authority.' allaah looked upon the people of the earth and hated them, the arabs and the non-arabs, except for some remnants of the people of the book, and he said: 'i sent you only to put you to the test and to tests others through you, and i sent down to you a book which cannot be washed away by water, which you will retain and recite whilst asleep and whilst awake.' allaah ordered me to destroy the quraysh so i said: 'o my lord they would break my head just as bread is broken.' so he said: 'turn them out just as they turned you out, and fight them and we shall aid you, and spend and we shall provide for you. send an army and we will send five more like it. fight along with those who disobey you. the people of paradise are three: the ruler who is just, who spends in charity and is guided to do good; and a man who is merciful and kind hearted towards every relative and muslim; and the chaste one who does not beg despite having a family to support. the people of the fire are five: the weak who does not have the will to avoid evil, those amongst you who are merely followers (of others), they do not seek after family or wealth; and the dishonest whose greed cannot be concealed even in the case of minor things; and a man who will betray you morning and evening with regard to your family and your wealth (he also mentioned miserliness or telling lies) and the person of evil manners and foul speech.'[29]

so this is very ancient conflict, continuing since the time when allaah, the one free and far removed from all defects, created aadam, 'alaihis-salaam, and what occurred between him and satan is well known. this conflict will be intensified or diminished depending on the servant's closeness to or distance away from his lord. consider also his (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) saying: satan has despaired that those who pray should worship him, but he seeks to provoke animosity between them.[30] so let this be a warning for us, and its opposite be glad tidings. we must not leave any way for satan to enter upon our hearts through our actions, granting him neither full nor partial access. indeed his deceptions are many and his traps abundant.[31]

so beware of this, o servant of allaah, and do not let satan trap you with his snares and his tricks, and your impregnable fortress against him is:


29.reported by muslim (eng. trans. 4/1488/no.6853)
30.see hadeeth number 39
31.refer to my book al-muntaqan nafees min talbees iblees and mawridul amaan min masaayidish shaitan and may allaah through his grace and favour make easy its completion

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