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Manners of the Prophet – a Brief Account

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a brief account to help you get a quick, but clear vision about prophet muhammad's characteristics and manners.


allah sent his prophet and taught him to be the best in ethics throughout history. so, we would never find any new moral ethics – now or ever - without finding it in the complete personality of our beloved prophet (pbuh).

here is a little hint of what i conclude as the most important prophetic ethics and manners, which set an example to all mankind. most important is love and mercy, which was the big title for this character. this is in addition to many great points - yet simple - from which we can conclude the following:

  • when you like people to follow an order of islam, do it to yourself before ordering others to do it.
  • try to be a practical example of the qur’an, for the prophet was a ‘walking qur’an’.
  • remember that the best of muslims is the one who is best in his home, just like the prophet who called for treating kids and wife with mercy and love.
  • visiting your neighbor and checking upon their welfare is a simple application of the prophet’s sunnah (traditions).
  • give your fellow-muslims their rights: salaam, visiting their patients, following their funeral, responding to their invitations etc…

i also need to repeat that he was the role model in his ethics. he reflected the best ethics in world history, by applying these values in reality. among these ethics and values are also the following:

  • truthfulness
  • honesty
  • love and mercy for all muslims and the whole world
  • treating children with extreme tenderness and mercy. this is like when he permitted his grandsons to climb his back while praying, without trying to annoy them…
  • being the first man in the fronts during battles
  • never to submit to anger, except if the borders of god were crossed
  • humbleness
  • tolerance and patience with hardship when it comes to materialistic life. he used to spend months, eating just date and water…
  • giving more care and attention to the soul and providing it through much fasting and night prayers (qiyam al-layl)
  • confirming the importance of science in fighting ignorance
  • wisdom in da`wah. for example: using simple language while preaching people so that they can understand and comprehend, giving the right thing to the right person in a right time and place, and using a slow gradual plan to develop iman (faith) in people’s hearts, etc.


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