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Join us in our Project "Presenting Prophet Muhammad to the World"

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38109 2008/05/12 2024/04/25
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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

assalam alaikom


continuing our project " presenting our prophet to the world" we held an agreement with https://islamic-invitation.com  that is a site concerned with calling to islam by providing books about islam and the prophet in all languages, and that is directed to the west in a way that they understand.

this site is ready to send any amount of books to any place in the world freeee


what you have to do is either to send your address, and you'll receive the books required and give them to whom you know or think they need them, or to send the addresses of the persons you want, so the site will send the required books directly to them.


our goals:


to everyone who wants to help in sending addresses of people really in need to know islam and prophet muhammad peace be upon him, or new muslims who need to know more about the islamic teachings and manners.  

to send the holy quran translated in all languages.


in addition to:


. inviting non-muslim members to islam.

correcting the misconceptions and wrong stereotypes about islam, and conveying the right concepts.

providing religious support to new muslim converts and educating them about islamic practices.

educating muslims, in a variety of languages, about the islamic faith and manners.

preparing muslim individuals from different countries to invite people to islam.

spreading islamic knowledge.

deepening islamic concepts and values in the minds of the muslim.




what we need is to send the person's  full  name and detailed address and email if possible, on :



the available books:



and if you want to get more information, the persons responsible are ready to answer you on our forum page:





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