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The Hebrew Version of the Site

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9656 2009/01/29 2023/12/03
Article translated to : العربية

may allah bless you all…


the site – thank allah – opened its hebrew version to become the seventh language used to represent all about our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) in addition to the now used languages; arabic, english, french, german, italian, and spanish .



h t tp://rasoulallah.net/index_heb.asp


some may ask why hebrew, the following will explain the reason:


1-      when prophet muhammad emigrated to madienah, he spread his message to all people, including jews, and then he ordered his companions to follow his steps in spreading his message to all people, so there is no harm in addressing jews about islam and the prophet.

2-      the jews themselves use all means of media to address people about their goals and aims and to show islam in a bad image. that's why we have to show the truth about islam and talk to them the way they understand, with their language.

3-      it's our role to correct all misunderstandings inside their minds about islam.

4-      there are lots of muslims who talk hebrew, but they don't have the ability to address people or to find the sources from which they get right translations of useful subjects.


all these reasons made use think about working on a hebrew version of this site " rasoulallah.net", to be a trustful source to everyone who wants to spread the message of islam and to represent prophet muhammad to all jews using their mother tongue.

doing this we also follow the hadith of our prophet who said:" to convince one person only to follow the right path is the best one can ever do in his life"….


we ask allah to help us in all our steps and to be pleased with us and accept our deeds..





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