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A Scientific and Material Speech to this who does not believe

Auther : Abd El_Dayem El Kaheel
115380 2008/10/07 2024/06/17

mocking allah, his verses and his messenger has become a normal thing nowadays and it comes in most cases from abroad, where atheists claim that islam is a religion of underdevelopment, terrorism and ignorance.  that's why the enemies of islam continued to mock its teachings, claiming that they have become out of date and do not fit the times!


glorified be allah! has freedom of expression become, from their point of view, their freedom to mock the greatest creature of allah (pbuh)?

however, apparently, those have not found any scientific thing to criticize islam for; thus, they tended to use these desperate cartoons. they failed to extract any scientific or linguistic mistake from the noble qur'an or the ahadith (speeches) of the greatest messenger to convince their followers about it, except these cartoons, which reflect their bankruptcy.


we have the right to express our opinion about such things, but, we do not mock their prophets, moses and jesus, peace be upon them, as they are quit of them and their deeds and because we do not differentiate between these honored prophets, as they are all messengers from allah (exalted be he). 


but, before doing so, let's listen to this saying of allah (exalted be he) about those people and the like of them:  

"surely the ones who hurt allah and his messenger, allah has cursed them in the present (life) (literally: the lowly (life), i.e., the life of this world) and the hereafter, and he has prepared for them a degrading torment *** and the ones who hurt male believers and female believers, without that they have earned it, then they have readily burdened themselves calumny and evident vice"       [surat al-ahzab: 57-58].


these cartoons hurt allah and mock his messenger and represent a severe hurt to every male and female believer. that's why the likes of those are promised a painful torment on the day of judgment, if they do not stop doing such act.


our style of expression will be more severe and enduring than theirs, which is no more than cartoons that do not reflect anything except illusions existing no where but in the imagination of their author. we will address those (people) in the language of science, which they failed to use in addressing us! and we will tell them the reality of that merciful prophet (pbuh).


i am not going to talk about the good manners and the wonderful attributes that the final prophet had, because those do not have these manners and do not recognize it, but, we will direct a scientific and material speech to them, including the facts that this honored prophet brought with him and are present in the qur'an and recited fourteen centuries ago and up till now.   


i tell those, who are proud of science and justice, because they represent technically advanced countries and they are democratic countries that believe in justice and rights, we say: the qur'an, which you mock, was the first book to call for science and justice, and these two are the measures of success and continuity of any civilization.


indeed, the first word sent down to that honored prophet was "read" and this proves that islam is the religion of science. while, the last word   sent down of the qur'an was "they will not be done injustice" and this proves that islam is the religion of justice. thus, what you boast today, our prophet (pbuh) preceded you to it long centuries ago.


you say that you are the first to call for searching the history of universe and creatures and you are proud of this, but we ask you to read the saying of allah (exalted be he) in the noble qur'an, about an explicit and direct call to investigate the beginning of creation: "say, “travel in the earth, then look how he began creation. thereafter allah brings into being the last bringing up. surely allah is ever-determiner of everything" [surat al-ankabut: 20]. this proves qur'an's interest in investigation, contemplation, research and study.


indeed, our prophet (pbuh) has set a scientific basis for astronomy and cosmic phenomena, when people thought the sun eclipsed for the death of ibrahim, the son of the prophet (pbuh), so he said: (the sun and the moon are two signs of allah's (exalted be he) and they do not eclipse for the death or life of anybody). [narrated by al-bukhari and muslim].

these words of the prophet of mercy (pbuh) came at a time when you used to believe that eclipse is an indication of the birth of a great person or his death, the fall of a governor or the loss of a battle.


at a time when europe was full of priests, astrologers and charlatans and those were believed by most people then.  at this time, our prophet (pbuh) prohibited such acts as he said: (anyone who goes to a priest or a fortune-teller and believes him in what he says, he has disbelieved in what was sent down to muhammad) [narrated by ahmad].


at the time when you thought that the earth is stable and immobile, the qur'an set a scientific fact confirming that everything in universe rotates in a specific orbit and this fact was not discovered except recently.  he (exalted be he) says about the earth, the sun and the moon: "and each is swimming in an orbit" [surat ya-sin: 40].


at a time, when europe used to believe in the presence of a god for wind, a god for rain and a god for lightening, the qur'an set a scientific basis for all these phenomena, which have not been discovered except a few years ago. so, if you want to read facts about the wind, read his saying (exalted be he): "and we send the winds impregnating, (and) so we send down from the heaven water, then we give it to you to drink, and in no way can you even be its treasurers" [surat al-hijr: 22].  haven't you discovered the role of wind in impregnating clouds and rainfall, using your equipments and machines??


moreover, if you want to know the engineering mechanism of lightening, which remained unknown for you until a few years ago, then, read the hadith of our prophet (pbuh): (haven't you seen lightening; how it passes and returns in a blink of an eye?) [narrated by muslim].  haven't your digital cameras captured photos of lightening and haven't you watched the lightening ray passing and returning, exactly as mentioned in the noble hadith?   


the messenger of allah (pbuh) was the first man in history who called for medical research through many ahadith (sayings), he set by them the main bases of modern medicine. the messenger of allah (pbuh) says: (allah has not created a disease without creating a cure for it) [narrated by al-bukhari].  this great hadith confirms the presence of a cure for the different sorts of illness and this means that if man searches for a treatment, he will find it. don't your scientists apply this hadith in their researches on the treatment of many diseases, which were thought, in the past, to have no treatment??


our prophet muhammad (pbuh) was the first one who talked about cosmic web in allah's saying (exalted be he): "and (by) the heaven comprising interwoven tracks" [surat adh-dhariyat: 7]. interwoven tracks are derived from masterly woven fabric. haven't you seen through your super computers the photo of this woven fabric of the universe?


today, you are proud of having discovered the beginning of the evolution of the universe and you assert that this universe was one mass then its parts went apart through a big bang.  you forgot that this merciful prophet (pbuh) preceded you to talking about this cosmic fact fourteen centuries ago, when no man on earth could imagine anything about the big bang.  allah (exalted be he) says:  "and have not the ones who disbelieved seen that the heavens and the earth were an integrated (mass), then we unseamed them" [surat al-anbiya': 30].


and if we like, we will count hundreds, rather thousands of recently discovered scientific facts, which are all present in the noble qur'an and the sunnah (tradition) of the master of messengers (pbuh). thus, can you read any of these, before you imagine who this prophet, who allah described as a mercy for the worlds was?       


that's why we ask every one suffering from deafness not to criticize lovely sounds! also, we ask every one suffering from blindness not to attack wonderful images! and we ask every one suffering from coryza not to object to the aromatic smell!


as the image of our prophet muhammad (pbuh) will remain bright, beautiful and wonderful, no matter how hard skeptics try to distort it and the talk of our prophet muhammad (pbuh) will remain the most beautiful and the sweetest talk, no matter what atheists try to do.  moreover, the light of qur'an and the light of allah will remain shiny and bright, no matter how hard the wrongdoers try to extinguish it.  allah (exalted be he) says: "they would (like) to extinguish the light of allah with their mouths; and allah refuses (anything) except to perfect his light, though the disbelievers hate (that)..

he (is the one) who has sent his messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth that he may make it topmost over all religion, though the associators (those who associate otherswith allah) hate (that)" [surat at-tawbah: 32-33].


o allah, you are stronger than all of those, and you are able to reply, stop and judge them and those who stand behind them, as you said in your great book: "surely the ones who hurt allah and his messenger, allah has cursed them in the present (life) (literally: the lowly (life), i.e., the life of this world) and the hereafter, and he has prepared for them a degrading torment."  [surat al-ahzab: 57].


and we say as allah (exalted be he) said:


"say, “mock on; surely allah is bringing out whatever you beware"…



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