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The Prophets Love

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in the 2ed line below there is a surprise for you!


are you ready to accept it?


prophet muhammad (pbuh) loves you !


are you ready to be qualified for his love?

in other words, do you love your prophet (pbuh)?


allah's messenger (pbuh) loves you personally and he wished you to know that.


in a hadith agreed upon by many scholars, it was narrated that allah's messenger (pbuh) once while sitting with his companions said "o allah, please convey my love to my beloved people". his companions (may allah be pleased with them) said "o allah's messenger (pbuh) are not we your beloved people". he replied "you are my friends & companions, but my beloved ones are people who will come after me believing me without even seeing me. whoever of them does one tenth of what you do will have the reward of seventy of you; because you find companions who help you in following the right path, whereas they don not".

this hadith points out that allah's messenger (pbuh) asked allah (the almighty) to convey his love to his beloved people and we can easily figure out that those beloved ones are us: me, you and all the muslims who have believed allah's messenger (pbuh) without seeing him.


if he (pbuh) loves us that much, we have to ask ourselves, do we love him?

the prophet (pbuh) is so merciful to his people. he loves them and prays for allah (the almighty) that they always be on the right and truthful path. so, are you worthy of his prayers???

or, in other words are you worthy of having allah's messenger (pbuh) as a mediator on the judgment day?


 many people wish if they were living with the prophet (pbuh), he would have prayed for them. as a matter of fact, he (pbuh) had prayed for you many times…

narrated by many scholars, that, abu hurraira's mother was a polytheist and she used to say very bad words about allah's messenger (pbuh). so, he came crying to the prophet (pbuh) and told him what his mother is saying…..

do you have such kind of love and jealousy towards allah's messenger (pbuh)?

if you see someone insulting allah's messenger (pbuh) or insulting our religion that we receive from our prophet after a long life full of sufferings, are you ready to face those who insult islam or insult muhammad (pbuh) and to defend him?

abu hurraira was not crying for the sake of his mother who was polytheist, (as he was not responsible for her deeds as mentioned in the quran; "and no burdened soul can bear another’s burden"). abu hurraira cried because of being jealous for allah's messenger (pbuh), because he couldn't defend him standing against his mother who raised him up and suffered for him. what would he do; insult her?

he, instead, complained to the prophet (pbuh) and said "my mother insults you". allah's messenger (pbuh) prayed to allah (the almighty) saying "o allah please guide abu hurraira, his mother and whoever prays for them to the right path till judgment day".

abu hurraira headed back home and at the door he heard the sound of water and his mother's footsteps. she said "abu hurraira, stay where you are". then she came opening the door with her clothes on saying "i testify that there’s no god but allah, and that muhammad is his messenger".

the prophet's prayer was answered, and abu hurraira started crying. imams used, when they mentioned such story, to pray for abu hurraira & his mother as the prophet said in his prayers. so, if you like to be one of those who will be on the right path till the day of judgment, so do the same as they used to do.


 but the question that we are asking still exists?


do you have this strong sense of jealousy for allah's messenger (pbuh)???

would you stand up for him and sacrifice everything even your own soul to defend him (pbuh)?

if yes, so you are a real lover of the prophet (pbuh).


it was narrated that the companions in makkah came to the prophet (pbuh) in great grief crying. allah's messenger (pbuh) asked them whey do you cry? they said "abu lahab's wife insult you o allah's messenger. he said "what does she say?". they said, she is saying "we detest the dispraised and we reject his religion". he (pbuh) said "what is my name?" they replied "you are muhammad (the praised) (pbuh) allah's messenger". he said "she insults the dispraised and i am muhammad (the praised) not the dispraised".

observe his wisdom in rising up this nation. are you willing to be of those worthy of his love or do you want to be among those whom the prophet (pbuh) complains to allah from, for allah (the almighty) said " and the messenger will say: my lord, surely my people treat this qur’an as a forsaken thing".


to which team would you like to belong?

if you are a part of the first team, then do not desert reading, understanding, researching or applying the quran. and love allah's messenger (pbuh) so that you might not be part of those whom he (pbuh) complains to allah from on the judgment day.


oh lord! we ask you to support us and make us love our prophet muhammad and follow his great example..




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