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Participate in Propagating the Nosra Website

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dear muslim brothers & sisters,

participate with us in propagating the website of rasoulallah.net in order to introduce the prophet, peace be upon him, to all people and get the reward of that. kindly note that you participation is a duty to propagate worshipping allah the almighty and introducing the prophet, peace be upon him. don’t' waste this chance which will generate thousand of merits and good deeds to you in few minutes… if you just familiarize one person with the website, all knowledge and teachings learnt about religion by such person, or any other person introduced by such person, will be credited to the merits of your account without reducing the merits of these persons.  


you are simply required to do one or all of the following options, as much as you can:

(1)    introducing the website to your friends in work.

(2)    introduce the website in one of the forums in which you always participate, whether islamic forums or otherwise.

((you can use the link of the website in your signature or you can choose one of the following pictures))


(3)    use the option of "send to friend" to send any lecture, sermon, or article speaking about a topic attracting the interest of one of your friends.

(4)    you can correspond with the local newspaper in your city to publish advertisement introducing the website.

(5)    you can contact any islamic scholar or propagandist to introduce the website to him and invite him to call us in order to upload his lectures and sermons online and recommend the website.

(6)    you can put the link of the website in your website or forum. click her to get the link.

(7)    you can print out the website presentation paper and put it in masjids, clubs, universities after taking the permission of the in-charge of wall magazine.


(8)    you can join the group of volunteers



finally, you can add the banners of the website to your website:

it is an advertising space displaying the lectures and sermons available in the website only; it does not display any commercial or other services. 




arabic banners

english banners

french banners

italian banners


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