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Invitation for a Colloquium about the Site

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10142 2009/04/26 2024/03/03
Article translated to : العربية

dear sirs,


we are honoured to invite you to a colloquium about our site "rasoulallah.net" that is established for the sake of representing prophet muhammad -peace be upon him- to the world, after being chosen as the best technical site in the arabic world.  


we are pleased to share your ideas, advices with us because of the start of the second stage of the site's plan that is representing the site world wide and not only to the arabic world.


well known scholars and journalists will attend the colloquium.


main points for discussion


-          representing our achievements and future projects.

-          the importance of media in showing the real image about prophet muhammad.

-          our means of presenting the site to the western world.

-          how to start the first step; for a person who wants to know the truth about prophet muhammad.

-          how to cooperate with people, scholars and foundations to defend our prophet.




time and date:


saturday, 9th . may 2009 at 13:30




the cultural centre of "sakiat assawi"

"al hekmah" hall


26 july "julio" street – zamalek-cairo




we are honoured to receive your acceptance to witness this event on our email address:





best regards and respect,






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