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muslim brother … muslim sister

rasoulallah.net is considered the widest gate over the internet through which you can get to know the best ever created human muhammad (pbuh); who is the mercy to all humankind and the leader of his light-faced followers. rasoulallah.net is like an eleven-language dictionary that contains all that is related to the prophet of mercy (pbuh). the searcher can find a lot about the sirah and hadith of the prophet (pbuh) and correcting any misunderstandings and clarifying any vague ideas about him either in video, audio or written form. just like others who take it upon their shoulders to show the truth about the prophet (pbuh), we took advantage of all the available free mediums to achieve our mission. now it’s time to move towards paid services over the internet and other international media mediums after achieving our goal in the arab world.  it’s our pleasure to give the chance to whoever wants to give a hand to be a part of this noble mission.

here are the stages and procedures which rasoulallah.net has followed since it was launched to the current day:

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