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The Campaign's Achievements

9125 2010/07/25 2024/05/19
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peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad

 thanks due to allah the almighty alone… the first exhibition will be held to introduce islam in the state of china - hong kong from:

 21-27 /jul. 2010

the visitors can get free books about islam

the books that the site is participating with in this event are:


the prophet as a husband/chinese



download here


1000 sunnah per day and night/chinese




download here



who is muhammad pbuh?



download a colored version


download a black/white version


a message to who does not believe in prophet muhammad


download here


 event was granted a share of advertisement in the newspapers.












participate in this campaign



 the first stage of the site

the second stage of the site

marketing services for rasoulallah.net




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