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Marketing Services for Rasoulallah.net

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professional e-marketing

there is no doubt that such a media war needs great support and cooperative efforts. this leads us to the necessity of investment in the field of da’wa, through the internet by publishing islamic materials worldwide informing people about islam and prophet muhammad (pbuh).

internet has so much materials and competitive websites. the distinguishing element for some material or website is how professionally it is e-marketed away from any random experiments that cannot determine the success or failure of the results.

so the site administration and webmasters agreed upon a deal with a trusted e-marketing agency which will take the responsibility of publishing the site and carrying out all the marketing plans. we expect a great step ahead towards  a more professional presentation of the prophet (pbuh).

although many people have willing to provide direct financial donation, we invite them to buy marketing shares of the site which could be described as follows:


buying marketing services for the site fund

what is the share and how does it work?

it is giving a certain amount of money either once or on a monthly basis as a contribution of the site advertisement campaign that would include booklets and brochures providing information about the prophet (pbuh) in addition to ads in all the visual and  auditory mediums.

what are the share categories?

platinum share: worth 1000 saudi riyal

golden share: worth 500 saudi riyals

silver share: worth 100 saudi riyals

this categorization was made to give the chance to everyone to contribute through these marketing shares.

in case you want to support a whole campaign for a certain country; you can contact the site administrators and we will provide you with periodicals about the campaigns’ news and places according to our marketing plans.

in case you want to reserve an ad for the site in a reputed website, you can contact the site administrators.



join the campaign

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