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The First Stage

11704 2010/06/24 2024/04/15
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 the first stage:

all thanks to allah who blessed us with establishing:

a universal website vanquishing the prophet (pbuh) , which has been launched in eleven international prevailing languages.

a series of websites following the same trend of " rasoulallah.net"  like the interactive site “whoismohammad.com?” which is mainly concerned with correcting the misjudgments about muhammad (pbuh)

a “youtube channel” related to the site

the disfiguration attempts of the prophet’s image:

the results of our humble efforts are somehow limited compared to the vast negative publications about the prophet (pbuh) either out of ignorance about him, or aiming to push people away from islam. those attempts, unfortunately; succeeded due to the effective usage of all mediums to elevate the sense of fear of islam and disfiguring the true image of the prophet (pbuh). the lack of islamic media active existence and the neglecting of showing the true facts about islam from the western media; both contributed to the success of these attempts. so it showed to us that it is absolutely necessary to concentrate upon the true informing about the prophet (pbuh).

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