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The Second Stage

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preparing for the second stage: spreading and access

to achieve this; we have to follow the same way of refuting any misconceptions claimed by the enemies of islam. we should use all the available media mediums either traditional or electronic in cooperation with the international islamic foundations to deliver the correct content in a practical suitable scientific way.

we made our researches regarding these issues and systematical planning resulted in the following points that should achieve our goals

1.     publishing a questionnaire about “the image of prophet muhammad (pbuh)” in certain countries which are chosen according to a certain strategy using some mediums like:

·        survey centers.

·        electronic questionnaires.

·        cooperative islamic foundations.

2.      depending on the results of the questionnaires; misconceptions about the prophet (pbuh) in the chosen country would be defined.

3.      preparing the right and logical refutations of these misconceptions and translating it to the language of the chosen country.

4.      choosing the suitable media mediums that can reach the target audience in that country (tv ads, newspapers, internet,etc)

5.      launching the campaign: which should indirectly refute any misconceptions about the prophet (pbuh) while linking the target audience at the same time to rasoulallah.net to make sure they get the right information at any time.

6.      employing a team of volunteers; scholars and trusted translators to discuss any issues with the refutation forum visitors using preset logical refutations to any misconceptions that could arise.

7.      evaluating the positive effect of the campaign and studying the negative and positive points, keeping in mind the possibility of re-launching the campaign if necessary

8.      moving to another country to apply the same successful da’wa model.

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