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" abu zar (may allah be pleased with him) narrates that once the holy prophet (peace be upon him) came out of his house. it was autumn and the leaves were falling off the trees. he caught hold of a branch of a tree and its leaves began to drop in large number.

at this he remarked, Ɔ, abu zar! (may allah be pleased with him) when a muslim offers his salaat to please allah, his sins are shed away from him just as these leaves are falling off this tree."

in autumn, usually, the leaves of the trees fall in large numbers, so much so that on some trees not a single leaf is left behind. the same is the effect of salaat performed with sincerity and devotion. all the sins of the person offering salaat are wiped off.


it should, however, be remembered that according to the verdict of the theologians, it is only the saghaa'ir (minor sins) that are forgiven by the performance of salaat and other services.

the kabaa'ir (major sins) are not pardoned without repentance. we should, therefore, in addition to saying salaat, be particular about doing taubah (repentance) and istighfaar (seeking forgiveness). allah may, however, pardon, by his bountiful grace, even the kabaa'ir of any person because of his salaat.

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