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abu hurairah (may allah be pleased with him) narrates, "two persons of one clan came to the prophet (pbuh) and embraced islam at one and the same time. one of these was martyred in a battle and the other died a year later, talha bin ubaidullah (may allah be pleased with him) says that he saw in his dream that the person who had died later was admitted into paradisebefore the martyr. this surprised him. i do not recollect whether it was he or somebody else who narrated this dream. the prophet (pbuh) thereupon remarked: "has not the person dying later fasted for one additional month of ramadhaan, and has he not offered six thousand or odd rakaats of salaat more during the year he lived after the martyr?"

really, we do not know how valuable salaat is! the holy prophet (pbuh) was often heard saying, "the comfort of my eyes is in salaat." this is an expression of his profound love for salaat. as such, what else can be more valuable than salaat?

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