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ibn mas'ood (may allah be pleased with him) narrates that he heard the prophet (peace be upon him) saying: "at the approach of the hour of a salaat, an angel is deputed to proclaim, 'arise, 0 children of aadam! and extinguish the fire that you have (by committing sins) kindled to burn yourselves. so, the people rise up, perform wudhu and offer their zuhr prayer. this causes forgiveness of their sins committed since day-break. the same is repeated at asr, maghrib and ishaa. after ishaa people go to bed, but there are some who busy themselves in good, while some others in evil deeds.


salmaan (may allah be pleased with him) says, "after ishaa the people get divided into three groups. there are some for whom the night is a source of blessing and gain. they are those who spend it in the worship of allah, while other people are asleep. for them the night brings great reward from their lord. there are others who turn their night into a burden and curse for themselves, for they indulge in various dark deeds in the dead of night. to them the night brings woe and misery. there is the third group of people who go to bed immediately after ishaa; they neither gain nor lose."

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