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abu qataadah bin rab'iyy (may allah be pleased with him) says that he heard the prophet (peace be upon him) saying: “ allah has said, "0, muhammad! i have ordained five times daily salaat for thy followers. i have made a covenant with myself that whosoever is regular in performing his salaat at its fixed hour, he shall be admitted into the paradise. those of thy followers, who do not guard their salaat, are not included in this covenant."


in another hadith, it is said that allah has ordained five times salaat and whosoever is mindful of his salaat, by doing wudhu properly and by praying at fixed hours with sincerity and devotion is assured by allah of his entry into paradise; and whosoever does not guard his salaat, there is no such guarantee for him; he may-or may not be forgiven.


salaat has indeed a tremendous value. it affords us an opportunity to receive allah's guarantee for paradise. when an honorable person of some financial standing or having executive power gives us a guarantee or stands surety for meeting any of our requirements of this world, we feel quite satisfied and happy and we consider it our duty to remain obliged and devoted to him. here allah the absolute sovereign of both the worlds, is giving the guarantee and is standing surety for the real success after death in return for five times daily salaat, which does not involve much effort on our part.


if even then we do not avail of the opportunity, we shall have none to blame, but ourselves for the dreadful doom that awaits us.

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