Placing your hands on your wife's head and praying for her

the husband should, at the time of consummating the marriage with his wife or before that, place his hand on the front part of her head, mention the name of allah the most high, and pray for allah's blessings. as in the statement of the prophet: "when any of you marries a woman ... he should hold her forelock, mention allah the most high, and pray for his blessings saying: "o allaah, i ask you for the good in her and the good with which you have created her, and i seek refuge in you from the evil in her and the evil with which you have created her." {allaahumma innee as'aluka min khairiha wa khairi maa jabaltaha 'alaihi wa a'oodhubika min sharriha wa sharri maa jabaltaha 'alaihi} [aboo dawood and others. al-bukhari in "af'aalul-'ibaad", aboo dawood, ibn majah, al-haakim, al-baihaqee and aboo ya'laa with hasan isnaad ...]

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