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The Principles that the Woman should Respect when she leaves the House

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 The principles that the woman should respect when she leaves the House


When women leave home must comply with the following principles: - it must be plugged - she should not be perfumed - she should go with discretion in order to not hear the sound of their steps.

Allah says: "And that walk walked by tapping toes that do not recognize ornaments bearing hidden" (sura An-Nur)

However, in our days, a real calamity has been extended, shoes with high heels. Thus, some women wear this type of shoes, of which we hear the sound of the heel on the floor. Added to this, these women walk stuttering,  and the salallahou Prophet ' alayhi wa salam was right when he said:

"All the woman's body is a party intimate." "When she leaves shaytan spy it (looms) with his eyes" this hadeeth was reported by At-Tirmidhi according to Ibn Mas'ud. -


When you are with a sister and they pass close to one or more men, they should remain silent. Not making his voice is part of things to hide, but simply that certain men not to be disturbed by a woman's voice. -She should ask the permission of her husband if she is married, or his guardian if it is unmarried.

-If the distance is a distance of travel, the woman has no right to leave without being accompanied by a mahram, why is the word of the Prophet salallahou ' alayhi wa salam, told by to bukhari according to Ibn ' Abbas:

"Women not entitled to travel rather than accompanied by a mahram."

This evidence, as well as which are in this sense, is general and covers all types of travel, including aircraft. Save then this in the soul which Allah supports you (Dear sister) If you are truly looking for the truth. -


Women will not be pushed to men, either during the circumnavigation of the Kaaba or the comings and goings between the hills Safa and Marwa. So, if women can walk without being forced to push, to do so. -It must be demure. -It must be lowered his gaze. -

She has no right to remove his clothes in another place than at home, if this display is. In effect the salallahou Prophet ' alayhi wa salam said: "When a woman removes her clothes in another place in the home of her husband, she breaks the veil of respect that is interposed between it and Allah." This Hadith is authentic. It was reported by Aisha as we can see in Da'eef Ahmad. Source: Book Council for Muslim women "Nasihati linnisa" of Umm 'Abdillah to the Wadi' shar'iyya (daughter of cheikh Muqbil) Edition: give to the Muslim




Umm 'Abdillah to Al - Wadi' iya

Source: https://3ilm.char3i.over-blog.com/article-23614550.html

Traducido from French to Spanish by UmmUsama for the Forum "islam between sisters".


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