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The Prohibition of Lying

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The Prohibition of Lying

It was transmitted by Samura ibn Yundab, that said:

"On numerous occasions used to say the Prophet Hall Allah aleihi wa salam fellow: - has anyone had a dream?-"

In response, who had a dream used to narrate it.

One morning it told us a dream that had:
-I came to see two people and asked me that he left with them. And I did.
We arrived where lay a man lying down and another standing beside him with a rock that threw over his head and broke it in two.
Stone shot here and there. The man followed her and took it. Not again which had beaten until he healed not his head, then on to do the same thing I did the first time. I told them:
-Subhana Allah! (Praised be God!) -What is this?-
And I answered: - still, still -

We continue and reach where there was a man lying face up and the other standing next to him with an iron hook. This will cut on one side of the face, from the mouth to the back of the neck, from the nose to the back of the neck and from a look at the nape of the neck. He then moved to the other side of the face and did you the same thing which the first. And not just with this side until it healed not the other and repeated the same operation as the first time.
And I told them:-Subhana Allah! What is this?-
And I turned to answer: - still, still -
"We will continue and arrive at a kind of deep oven."

Here, believe the Prophet said -salla Allah aleihi wa salam:

"There was uproar and voices that came from there." So we look and saw how men and women naked discussed shocked seeing as the flames approached them at the bottom.
I asked: - who are these?-
And they told me: - still, still -
We continue and we got to a river and I think that you said:
-Red as blood-. There was one man swimming inside and on the shore that had gathered many stones in the River.


Then he swam approached that had gathered stones and opened her mouth and made him swallow a stone. Then it was swimming and returned again to him. And provided that returning him, he opened his mouth and made him swallow a stone throwing it.
Asked them: - who are these two? -
They told me: - still, still -
We continue and we got to a man of horrible aspect that atizaba a fire spinning to your around.
Asked them: - who is this? -
They told me: - still, still -

We continue and we got to a garden full of flowers. Had a very tall man in the Centre of the garden, and was so high that as soon as he saw the head so high that rose in the sky; and around the man had as many children as he had ever seen.
I asked: - who is this and who are these children?-
They told me: - still, still -
We continue and we got to a huge tree as never seen another best or as immense as the.
They told me: - get him! -


We got him up to a city built of bricks of gold and silver.
Arriving at the gates of the city we call to open them to us and they did.
We went and received us a few men half of its Constitution was the best he had seen and the other half, the worst and more ugly.
And told them: - Id and gets you into that river -
It was a wide river that ran through the city and as white as milk pure water.
They were and got in. They then returned to where we were and the ugliness had disappeared; staying with the most beautiful appearance.

They told me: - this is the eternal garden and this is your dwelling -
I stood facing up and had so as white as the most white cloud Palace.
And repeated me the two: - this Palace is for you! -
I told them:-that Allah bless, let me come!-
Said to him:-now, but someday you'll be in!-
Asked them: - tonight I've seen amazing things, explain them to me! -
I said: - we will inform you! -
As to the first man who came and who opened the head in two with the stone, it was a man who memorized the Qur'an but not practiced it.

And I used to sleep at the time of the obligatory prayers.
As for the other man that cut you from the mouth to the nape of the neck, from the nose to the back of the neck and from the eye to the neck, it was man who came out in the early morning in his house and lied so that it reached all corners of the horizon with his lie.


Naked men and women who were in a kind of oven, they were Adulterers and the adulteress.
The man that dressed swimming in the river and that was done swallowing stones, it was one he earned money with usury.
Horrible man that stoked fire and ran around him was Malik, the guardian of hell.

And the tall man, who had been in the midst of the garden, was Abraham. Regarding children that were to his around, was that dead before maturity and be responsible for their actions (fitra).

And in a story of Al - Barqani:

"All that born in the 'fitra'."

[fitra, is the natural state with which every human being is born, inclined to worship only Allah-Subhana wa Ta'ala]
Some Muslims asked:-Messenger of Allaah! Does including the children of the infidelity?-
He said the Messenger of Allaah -salla Allah aleihi wa salam: - including children of the infidelity -

"As soon as people that half was good looking and his other half was ugly were people who had mixed good and bad actions and Allah they had forgiven."

(Compiled by Al - Bukhaari)


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