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The good and bad companies

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The good and bad companies

Bad company is a source of confusion. ALLAH ta' wing said in his Noble Book:

"That day the unfair will bite his own hands, saying:" (I wish I had embarked on the path with the Messenger...!) Woe to me! I wish I had not taken guy for friend... It has diverted the warning (the Qur'an), once he had come to me. "The Shaitan is to the traitorous man." (S25/V27-29)

# Bad companies brings the wrath of Allah
# Bad companies becomes sick hearts
# Bad companies make you lose time
# Bad companies are a source of sins
# Bad companies bring the bad reputation
# Bad companies sorted you evil
# Bad companies prohibit you good

The benefits of good company

# The good companion sorts you good
# The good companion will be encouraged when the guard down
# The good companion prohibits you to do evil
# The good companion shows you your defects to correct them
# The good companion helps you when you need help
# The good companion reminds you when you forget




Sheikh Mohamed Ibn Al - Hady Madkhaly
Text in French:https://3ilm.char3i.over-blog.com/article-25658251.html
text in Spanish: https://www.islamentrehermanas.com/ and https://dichosdelossabios.blogspot.com/


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