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Things that do not invalidate the fast

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Things that do not invalidate the fast


Praise be to Allaah.


There are many things that do not invalidate fasting, for example: the application of Kohl eyes, medicinal injections, eye, nose and eye, drops the healing of wounds, perfume, oils and body cream, incense, the henna, vomiting, the application of suction cups and indents, blood, bleeding, tooth extraction, the output of pre-seminales fluids and expectoration of asthma. All these things will not void or invalidate fasting.

Blood tests and drug injections do not invalidate the fast, although it is better to postpone them, if possible, for the night.

Women can consume products that disrupt menstruation or ahead it for the purpose of performing fasting or the pilgrimage, if doctors don't see it no threat to his health, although it is best to avoid it.

If the fasting person ejaculate by reason of a masturbation or from contact with his wife without penetration commits a sin, but must only compensate for the day of fasting invalidated without having to make any Atonement.

Who is travelling and fasting in Ramadan but practice intercourse during the day with your spouse, only must compensate for that day of fasting invalidated and not make any atonement.

Who is not travelling and practical intercourse during the day in Ramadan should compensate the day of fasting invalidated and also make atonement special if you did voluntarily, consciously and knowingly. Who done obliged, due to ignorance or forgetfulness, his fast is valid and should not compensate or perform any Atonement. This is the same for men and women.





Author: Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Al - Tuwaijri

Source: www.islamhouse.com

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