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Does Islam prohibit music?

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Does Islam prohibit music?


Question: A recently converted to Islam asks me: does Islam prohibit music? What should I say?


Answer: Islam forbids music, because it diverts the heart, penetrates it and distracting the invocation of Allah. And the man has been created to worship Allah, so if your heart is love of the music, it will divert from the Remembrance of Allah.[1]

It is for this reason that sees the passion of music and songs, when they sound touches with his hand as well... [2] as if he were playing the music, because his heart and mind are invaded by the music.

And Islam hopes that his followers are continually directed towards Allaah, because it is as well as they will improve and reach happiness.


Fatwa of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Uzaymin
Majmoo Fataawa Ibn Uzaymin, T.43, p.60.

[1] Ibn Kazir - Allaah have mercy on him - transmitted on this subject the words of Ibn Mas'ud commenting on this verse:

"There are men who buy frivolous words to get lost in the way of Allaah without knowledge and take them to mockery."

(Sura Luqman, v.6). He then declared: "By Allah, out of which there is no deity [worthy of worship] (three times), this is the musical singing in question ("frivolous "words)."

[2]The translator Note: is as if the Sheikh made a gesture of touching your hand at that time.



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