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The Prophet’s Guidance for the Eclipse Prayer

Auther : Dr. Ahmad bin Uthman al-Mazyad
2156 2012/11/26 2024/04/16

When there was a solar eclipse Prophet Muhammad (peace be upun him) rushed anxiously to the mosque and performed two rak`ahs. In the first he recited al-Fatihah aloud, followed by a lengthy recitation of the Qur'an. Then he made a long ruku`. Then he stood up from ruku`, saying,
“Sami`a Allahu liman hamidah. Rabbana wa lakal-hamd.” (Allah hears him who praises Him. And to You, our Lord, belongs all praise.) He (peace be upun him) continued standing and made another long recital, although shorter than the first. Then he made a second long ruku`, but shorter then the first. He (peace be upun him) rose again from ruku` and made a long sujood. He did the same for the second rak`ah. Thus, he made two rak`ahs bowing four times in ruku' and making four prostrations. Following the prayer he (peace be upun him) delivered an eloquent sermon.

During an eclipse he (peace be upun him) urged remembrance of Allah, performance of prayer, supplication, seeking forgiveness, giving charity and freeing slaves.

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