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The Prophet’s Guidance Regarding the Hadi, Eid Sacrifice and `Aqiqah

Auther : Dr. Ahmad bin Uthman al-Mazyad
2132 2012/11/28 2024/05/25

 a. His Guidance About the Hadi

He (peace be upun him) offered sheep and camels as hadi and offered cattle on behalf of his wives. He (peace be upun him) offered a hadi at his residence as well as during his Hajj and Umrah.

It was his practice to garland sheep to mark them but not cut or brand them. When he (peace be upun him) sent a hadi from his residence, nothing permissible would be prohibited to him.

When he (peace be upun him) offered camels as hadi he used to garland them and mark them by slightly cutting the right side of their hump until blood trickled.

If he (peace be upun him) was sending his hadi, he would tell his messenger that when anything happened on the way to cause a defect in it, he should slaughter it, dip his sandal in its blood, hang it on its side and not eat from it or let those accompanying eat from it; rather, its meat should be distributed.

He (peace be upun him) would share in a hadi with his companions. Seven of them would share in the sacrifice of a camel and seven would share in a cow.

He (peace be upun him) allowed the man who was delivering a hadi to ride it when necessary until he found another mount.

It is his guidance to slaughter camels while they were standing with the left leg tied up, and he would say: "Bismillah, Allahu akbar" when slaughtering.

He (peace be upun him) used to slaughter his sacrifices with his own hand, but at times appointed someone to do a portion of them.

When slaughtering a sheep, he (peace be upun him) would place his foot on its side, say "Bismillah, Allahu akbar" and slaughter.

He (peace be upun him) permitted his ummah to eat from their hadi and sacrifices and keep some of the meat.

Sometimes he (peace be upun him) distributed the meat of the hadi and sometimes he would say, "Whoever wishes may cut a piece."

His practice was to slaughter the hadi of Umrah at Marwah and the hadi of Hajj in Mina.

He (peace be upun him) always slaughtered his hadi after ending the state of ihraam and after sunrise following the first stoning. He (peace be upun him) never allowed slaughter before sunrise

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