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Madinah Receives the News of Victory

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two heralds, ‘abdullah bin rawahah and zaid bin harithah were despatched to madinah, to convey the glad tidings of victory to the muslims there.

the multi-ethnic and ideological structure of madinah featured different respective reactions. rumour-mongers amongst the jews and hypocrites spread news to the effect that the prophet [pbuh] had been killed, and tried to impress their false assumption on the fact that zaid bin harithah was riding al-qaswâ’, the prophet [pbuh]’s she-camel. having reached, the two messengers imparted to the muslims the happy news of victory, and furnished accurate information about the course of events in order to establish the sense of reassurance deep in the hearts of the anxious, but now, joyous muslims. they immediately started acclaiming allâh’s name and entertaining his praise at the top of their voices. their chiefs went out of the city to wait and receive the prophet [pbuh] on the road leading to badr.

usamah bin zaid related that they received the news of the manifest victory shortly after ruqaiyah, the prophet [pbuh]’s daughter, and the wife of ‘uthman bin ‘affan had been committed to earth. she had been terminally ill and the prophet [pbuh] had asked ‘uthman to stay in madinah and look after her.

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