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The Support of the Angels

5723 2007/11/21 2024/07/22
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the prophet [pbuh], in his trellis, dozed off a little and then raised his head joyfully crying:

"o abu bakr, glad tidings are there for you: allâh’s victory has approached, by allâh, i can see gabriel on his mare in the thick of a sandstorm."

he then jumped out crying:

"their multitude will be put to flight, and they will show their backs." [al-qur'an 54:45]

at the instance of gabriel, the prophet [pbuh] took a handful of gravel, cast it at the enemy and said: "confusion seize their faces!" as he flung the dust, a violent sandstorm blew like furnace blast into the eyes of the enemies. with respect to this, allâh says:

"and you (i.e. muhammad [pbuh]) threw not when you did throw but allâh threw." [al-qur'an 8:17]

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