The Quraysh challenge Abu Talib

Soon the Quraysh relised that Abu Talib was not going to askhis nephew to stop his rebellious preaching. They could no longerkeep silent, and eventually they all came together to plan theirresponse to the situation.

Aterwards, they again met with Abu Talib, and this time theirwords were not so honeyed. They warned him sternly, “O AbuTalib, you are old and we hold you in high esteem. We asked youto restrain your nephew, but you did nothing. By God, we cannottolerate this any longer – our fathers are denounced, we are calledignorant, and our gods are insulted. Either you stop him, or wewill fight you both until one side perishes.”

Abu Talib felt the sting of these belligerent words. Thepolytheists of Makkah had challenged him, and he took thethreats seriously. He sent for the Prophet and told him of whatthe men of the Quraysh had said. “Have mercy on me andyourself,” he told his nephew, “and do not impose on me aburden greater than I can bear.”

When the Prophet heard what Abu Talib had to say, hereplied, “O my uncle, I swear by Allah, if they were to place thesun in my right hand and the moon in my left and ask me toabandon this mission, I would not turn from it until Allah mademe victorious or I perish therein.”

Witnessing Muhammad’s resolve, Abu Talib unhesitatinglyoffered his nephew his full support. “Come back, my nephew! Gowhere you please and say what you will. By God, I will never turnaway from you, come what may

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