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The kings of Hamir send an envoy

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After the Prophet returned back from Tabuk, Malik bin Murrah called upon him carrying letters from the kings of Hamir: Harith bin Abd Kalal, Naeem bin Abd Kalal and Nu’man. He also bore letters from the heads of Hamdaan. The rulers wrote to the Prophet to inform him that they had all embraced Islam. In reply, the Prophet sent a letter to them explaining their rights and duties, and defined their responsibilities under the covenants they had entered.


Then the Prophet sent Mu’adh bin Jabal and others back with the delegation to act as judges and military commanders in upper Yemen. They were also responsible for overseeing the collection of charity and Zakaah, as well as leading prayers.

Abu Musa Ash’ari was sent to the Yemeni coast, while Ma’ab Zama was sent inland. The Prophet instructed both of them to make things easy for the people and not to create unnecessary hardship. He also advised them to spread the good news of Islam and to help everyone live in harmony. Mu’adh remained in Yemen till the death of the Prophet , while Abu Musa returned to visit the Prophet during the Farewell Hajj.


The delegation of Hamdaan


Among the delegation from Hamdaan that visited the Prophet , was the great poet Malik bin Namt, who extolled the Prophet in verses such as the following:


I swear by the Lord of the ladies circling Mina and those returning with the caravans from the heights of Qardad, that we have accepted the truthfulness of the Prophet. He is a Messenger guided by the Lord of the Throne above. No camel ever had in her saddle a man as strong as Muhammad against his enemy.


Initially, Malik bin Namt was sent back to his homeland to help those of his clan who embraced Islam, but later the Prophet sent Khalid bin Waleed to invite all the people of Hamdaan to embrace Islam. Six months went by as Khalid tried in vain to spread Islam. Then the Prophet sent Ali bin Abi Talib and recalled Khalid. Ali read out the letter from the Prophet inviting the people of Hamdaan to accept Islam. They all complied. On receiving the good news, the Prophet prostrated in praise of Allah, and then raising his head he said, “Peace be upon Hamdaan! Peace be upon Hamdaan!”

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