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The delegation of Banu Abdul Madan

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In Rabi’ Al-Awwal, 10 A.H., the Prophet sent Khalid bin Waleed to Banu Abdul Madan. They lived in Najraan in Yemen. Khalid was instructed to invite them to accept Islam for three days, if they refused, he was allowed to use force to make them subjects of the Islamic state. When Khalid arrived, he sent his men in all directions to invite the people of the region to accept Islam. “O people!” the Muslims cried. “Accept Islam and you will have peace.”


The people readily accepted Islam, and Khalid and his men set about teaching the people of Banu Abdul Madan the basics of the faith. Khalid then sent a message to the Prophet informing him of his success, and the Prophet responded by asking Khalid to escort a delegation from the region of Madinah. The delegation arrived in Madinah and met the Prophet , who asked them several questions. “During the Days of Ignorance, how did you subdue those who fought against you?” “We remained untied,” the delegation replied, “and we never oppressed anyone.” “You speak the truth,” the Prophet said.


Then the Prophet appointed Qays bin Hisn as the governor of Banu Abdul Madan. The delegation left Madinah in the last of Shawwal or in the beginning of Dhul Qa’dah. Ever concerned that the Muslims living far from Madinah would revert to the ignorance of paganism, the Prophet also sent Amir bin Hazm to teach them more about Islam.

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