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11-The Delegation of Bani Fazarah

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11-the delegation of bani fazarah: upon the messenger’s return from tabuk, the delegation of bani fazarah came to see him. that was in the ninth year of al-hijra. the group of delegates were over ten men. they came in order to profess islam and complain about the drought of their region. the messenger of allâh [pbuh] ascended the pulpit, lifted his hands up and implored allâh to send rain forth onto them and said:

"o allâh let rain fall down, and water your country and animals, and spread your mercy and bring to life the dead lands. o allâh send rain that would be saving, comforting, and sprouting grass, and overwhelming vast areas sooner and later. let it be useful rain and not harmful. o allâh let it be rain of mercy and not rain of torture and chastisement. let that rain not be destructive or floody. o allâh send us down water and help to fight the enemies." [za'd al-ma'ad 3/48]

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