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15-Tujeeb Delegation

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15- tujeeb delegation: they came to madinah carrying the surplus of charities (sadaqat) of their people. that is to say the extra charities they had after they had distributed the poor-due. they were thirteen men. they asked about the qur’ân and sunnah (the prophet’s saying, deeds and sanctions) so that they might learn them. they demanded things from the messenger of allâh [pbuh] to which he gave them pledges. they did not stay long; so when the messenger of allâh [pbuh] acknowledged their demands and allowed them to depart, they sent him a boy whom they had already left at their property. the young man said to the prophet [pbuh]: "by allâh, i swear, i have left my home (for madinah) with a purpose that you invoke allâh, the great and all-mighty for me to forgive me and have mercy on me and to make my heart a source of content and sufficiency." the messenger of allâh [pbuh] supplicated allâh to grant him what he demanded.

from that time on, he was the most contented person. in ar-riddah (i.e. the apostasy times), he stoodfast as a muslim and warned his people and reminded them of allâh and went on preaching them till they stoodfast and did not apostatize. the group of delegates met the prophet [pbuh] again in the farewell pilgrimage in the tenth year of al-hijra.

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