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7-Bali Delegation

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4204 2007/11/25 2024/03/02
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7-bali delegation: their arrival was in rabi‘ al-awwal, the ninth year of al-hijra. they embraced islam, stayed in madinah for three days. their chief abu ad-dabeeb wondered whether hospitality was rewarded by allâh. the messenger of allâh [pbuh] said:

"yes, and so is any charity you offer to poor or rich people that is sadaqah."

he also inquired about the time allotted to hospitality. "three days," said he. "what about the stray ewe?" the prophet said: "it is either yours or your brother’s, otherwise it goes to the wolf." he inquired about the stray camel. "it is not of your business. leave it alone! its owner will try to find it."

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