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6-‘Udharah Delegation

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4208 2007/11/25 2024/03/04
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6-‘udharah delegation: this delegation which consisted of twelve men, had arrived in madinah in safar, the ninth year of al-hijra. they spent three days there. one of them was hamza bin an-nu‘man. when they were asked who they were, they said "we are bani ‘udharah, the foster brothers of qusai to his mother. we are the ones who supported qusai, and removed khuza’a and bani bakr from the bosom of makkah. we have relatives and kinspeople." so the messenger of allâh [pbuh] welcomed them and gave good tidings to them, which was ash-sham conquest; but he, on the other hand, forbade them from consulting a soothsayer and from eating the slain animals they slaughtered. eventually they became muslims, stayed there for several days then went back.
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