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14-The Delegation of Bani ‘Amir bin Sa‘sa‘a

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14-the delegation of bani ‘amir bin sa‘sa‘a: among the group of delegates were ‘amir bin at-tufail — the enemy of allâh, arbad bin qais — labid’s maternal brother, khalid bin ja‘far, and jabbar bin aslam. all of them were the leaders and satans of their people. ‘amir was the one who double-crossed the group of ma‘una well. when this delegation made their mind to come to madinah, ‘amir and arbad conspired to kill the prophet [pbuh]. so when the group of delegates arrived, ‘amir kept on talking to the prophet [pbuh] whereas arbad turned aside trying to draw his sword. he managed to draw a span of hand long but allâh stilled his hand so that he was unable to proceed with its withdrawal. allâh protected the prophet [pbuh]. the prophet [pbuh] invoked allâh against them. so when they returned, allâh sent down a thunderbolt unto arbad and his camel and he was burnt. as for ‘amir he called at a house of a woman who was from bani salul and had a gland sore. he eventually died while he was saying: "what am i like? i have a gland similar to a camel’s. and here i am dying in the house of the woman from bani salul."

in sahih al-bukhari it is narrated that ‘amir came to the prophet [pbuh] and said: "i grant you an opportunity to choose one of two: you will have the flat land people and i will have townspeople; or i will succeed you. otherwise, i will invade your people with a thousand he-camels and a thousand she-camels." but, later on he got plague-stricken in a woman’s house. so he said: "what! i have a gland similar to a camel’s, and here i am in a woman’s house of bani so and so people. fetch me my mare!" he mounted it but died on its back.

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