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Protection and security of people:

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Protection and security of people:

Addressing more than 100,000 people, Muhammad said in his last sermon:

All people stand on equal footing before law: Prophet Muhammad introduced and taught people Sharia Law, i.e. God's Law that regulates people's life and controls people should respect the law and the offenders must be punished regardless of their social standing. When the law is applied justly, all people enjoy justice and security.

“O people, believers are but brothers. No one may take his brother’s property without his full consent. Have I delivered Never go back smiting each other’s necks. Verily, I have left among you that which if you take, you will never stray after me: the Book of God and my example. Have I delivered the Message? O Allah my Lord, be my witness.”

Al-Hakim, 1/93, 317. Al-Bayhaqi, 6/96, 11640

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